What is PACE?


PACE is a survey tool designed to deliver 360° feedback from yourself and the people you know best. PACE, which stands for Perspective, Alignment, Capacity, delivers a report to help you find your stride on your path toward growth at home and in your workplace.


Discovering what others really think of us isn’t always easy. PACE makes the process simple and delivers a report that’s geared toward progress. The result is a crystal-clear view of where to focus your growth in the following areas.


Lining up your actions with your goals is a critical component to your success. To check your alignment, you need to know two things: where you are now and where you want to be. PACE will show you where and how to find greater alignment.

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Your capacity is a result of your unique combination of talent, knowledge, experience, and abilities. PACE provides a full view of your current capacity along with your next steps for growing in areas like relationship, intellect, health, creativity, and leadership.

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Successful people stay engaged in the everyday components of their lives. They pay attention to the key people, relationships, and situations that matter most. Strong engagement is the make-or-break factor between stifled growth and substantial growth. PACE will show you where to become more engaged.

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